April Bootcamp

The April bootcamp was the launch of Making Innovators: Kids Edition. The innovators were asked to envision a car that could move without batteries, and without being pushed/pulled.

Day 1

After introductions and an ice-breaker group challenge (Creating the tallest, strongest tape-and-straws tower that can hold an egg), there was an introductory session on Design Thinking and an in-depth definition of the first stage of Empathy.
Later in the day the innovators went in their groups and empathised in the context of the April Challenge.

Day 2

Picking up from the previous day's activities the teams went ahead to define the problem and begin the ideation stage through various techniques including brainstorming, brainwalking etc.
They came up with several ideas that were posted up on Post It notes creating an empathy map. Of these ideas, the best was selected and preparations made for the prototyping stage that would follow.

Day 3

With the materials available, the teams spent a better part of the morning building, testing, and re-building their prototypes to best capture the solution to the challenge.
Finally in the presence of their parents, mentors, and facilitators, the teams presented their work and solution, giving a recap of the entire process they followed to arrive at said solution.