August Bootcamp

August saw an exciting one-week session of great ideas on a working solar oven: an oven that doesn't use electricity, gas, wood or oil. The innovators spent the week figuring out how to approach and solve this interesting challenge.
The four select teams delivered above and beyond, with their very innovative and unique takes on the solution. Unlike the April bootcamp that lasted only three days, this one took five days to create more time for the innovators to actually have quality time to understand and internalize each Design Thinking stage and the concepts of challenge-based learning.

Day 1

The first day consisted of a number of new faces among a familiar set of innovators. As usual, there was an ice-breaker group challenge (Creating the tallest, widest, and strongest tape-and-spaghetti tower). The innovators thereafter split into their teams to empathise and define after sessions on Empathy and Definition.

Day 2

This was an exciting day! Physics lecturer from the University of Nairobi, Professor Okech came in to teach about the Physics of Energy with videos (The Last Airbender :)) and materials to help visualize better the concept of energy transmission and manipulation.
In the afternoon there was a session on Ideation which would guide the teams in the next stage.

Day 3

Borrowing heavily on the previous day's lessons, the teams now understood better ways in which the Solar Oven could be built and thus came up with several ideas and concepts that in one way or another attempted to achieve their objectives.
There were later given pointers on prototyping and then the teams went to work in the initial stages of building oven prototypes.

Day 4

Prototyping continued, with a few dud prototypes that prompted the teams to redo their prototype from different angles. With testing sessions in between each prototype, the teams worked to ensure that their ovens would heat up [inside] relative to the external temperature.
Before departure, the teams learnt about pitching and presentation skills that would be useful in the next day.

Day 5

On the last day, spirits were high as the four teams rehearsed and perfected their presentations in preparation for the afternoon.
Finally in the presence of their parents, mentors, and facilitators, the teams presented their work and solution, giving a recap of the entire process they followed to arrive at said solution.